Inspiration: Underwater People!

At some point while I was revising A CRACK IN THE SEA, my agent sent me a link to an artist who makes underwater statues—which eventually turn into coral reefs for sea life. Pretty cool, yes?

The underwater statues of Jason teCaires Taylor are amazing. Take a look:

And looking at those photos of underwater people let me to look for more underwater statues. Believe it or not, there are some out there! Here’s a short article about various statuary under water:

I haven’t seen any of these statues in real life. And their photos didn’t find me until I’d already drafted the underwater scenes in the book—so, if you’re wondering where the original inspiration came from, it wasn’t from those images.

But I did get something wonderful out of encountering the photos: a mood. I wanted a particular feel to my book’s underwater scenes—dreamlike and peaceful, but also a little eerie. When I was revising the underwater scenes, I often looked at these images of underwater statues as inspiration—and for me, these statue photos have that otherworldly feel to them. You can even see them evolve in some of the photos: as the coral latches onto the statue, its features grown more and more indistinct; but the statues themselves endure.