To contact me, please email hmbouwman (at) gmail (dot) com. Please include an informative title to your email, something like “author event request” or “question for author.” I got a LOT of junk mail, and I often delete them without reading; if you give your email a clear title you won’t run that risk.

You can also look for me on Twitter and Facebook.

Please direct all rights queries to:
Tricia Lawrence
Erin Murphy Literary Agency
824 Roosevelt Trail #290, Windham, ME 04062

Event Requests

I love speaking to kids and to adults about my books and about writing! But since I’m a college professor, I have limited time during the school year to travel. Please contact me as far in advance as possible, and I’ll be happy to fit in what I can: library and bookstore visits, classroom and school visits, conference presentations and lectures, workshops, Skype visits. To arrange for an in-person or virtual visit, please contact me via email for more information.